Un Plan Parfait 2012 Review: Delivering laughs and heartwarming romance

Un Plan Parfait also known as Fly Me to the Moon is a French romantic comedy directed by Pascal Chaumeil. The film brings Dany Boon (Welcome to the Sticks) together with Diane Kruger. Who is yet to leave a lasting impression on audiences. Despite her model features and impressive list of credits.

A successful woman tries to fast-forward a second time lucky family curse by divorcing a stranger in order to marry her boyfriend without any doubts. Unfortunately, this concept comedy hinges on a make-or-break conceit that doesn’t pan out. You can’t deny the enthusiasm of the performances and film-makers. But Un Plan Parfait (Lua Tinh) is overcooked… reveling in a convoluted story by playing up contrived comic moments with hard-boiled characters.

It’s a star vehicle for Diane Kruger, who is best known for supporting roles in films like Inglourious BasterdsNational Treasure and Troy. While she’s a beautiful woman, she has more of a flair for drama. And just seems a little out of her depth as a co-lead in a comedy. Dany Boon thrives on over-the-top comedy and has a natural charm that grows on you.

The characters are interesting but unlikable for the first half of the film. Which distances and derails much of the comedy as one extreme decision supersedes another. We’re entertain by the Romancing the Stone type whirlwind adventure. But repelled by the ulterior motives of our animated ice queen as she tries to trap a frank travel guide writer. The second half aims for How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days style comedy as the plot sets and obstacles present themselves.

While Un Plan Parfait’s comes across as a bright-eyed and rip-roaring yarn. It just doesn’t hit the right notes. “Hearing” it via a family gathering does excuse some of the embellishments. But it defies logic and “just going with it” becomes increasingly difficult. As a “romcom” you know the outcome and Chaumeil makes this one all about the ride.

We’re transport from Kenya to Moscow, sampling local cuisine, culture and ceremony. The underlying travelogue helps propel the couple’s misadventures. And the film (phim chieu rap 2021) is continual barrage of comedy ranging from situational to slapstick does improve with time. But it just doesn’t amend casting and foundational problems with the story.

We’re left with a fun and largely entertaining adventure with a dull comedic edge that offers strong production values and intermittent laughs. It’s great to see Diane Kruger branching out into new genre territory and Dany Boon has magnetism. But Un Plan Parfait seems to fall short when it comes to delivering laughs and heartwarming romance.

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