Kristy 2014 Review: A very fun and very fast paced thriller

Kristy is a 2014 horror-thriller about a college student named Justine who decides to stay at school during Thanksgiving break. However this peaceful stay soon turns into a nightmare when she runs into a group of psychopaths at a gas station who have sinister intentions involving torture and slaughter.

Since its almost Thanksgiving, I’d decide to do a review on a horror movie that takes place during the holiday. However, most of the horror movies (phim kinh di my) taking place around this holiday kinda suck.

Kristy (Dem San Nguoi) is a very fun and very fast paced thriller complete with nail-biting tension, a likable lead, and some really cool killers.

Right from the moment Justine meets the gang-leader Violet, the film begins to seep with dread and suspense. A feeling that lingers until the very end. Throughout the movie, I was always on the edge of my seat, sucked into the sheer amount of tension that this movie was giving off.

The acting was fine. Nothing Oscar worthy but nothing bad either. Justine is a likable heroine and very easy to root for. Violet is a very uneasy-looking villain with a subdued personality that makes her all the more chilling. And the guys working for her were all creepy with their home made masks. And tendencies to emerge out of the shadows.

Now, this movie (phim hanh dong chieu rap) does rely on a few tropes that a lot of people will find tedious and generic. But if you could look past that. You’ll have a cool school invasion thriller on your hands. Especially watch it if your fans of movies like Them and The Strangers.

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